Patrick Swayze family claims will was forged

Patrick Swayze‘s estate is in question, and looks as if there could be a legal battle brewing between his family members and his widow Lisa Niemi in the near future according to Wednesday, October 29 reports from Hollywood News Daily. Patrick Swayze family feuds are breaking out with controversy over the “Dirty Dancing” star’s last will and testament. Patrick Swayze family members are claiming that the second, updated will that surfaced after the actor died from pancreatic cancer in September of 2009 was forged.

According to Radar Online, Patrick Swayze;s family was stunned to find that a “surprised” revised will was filed in a New Mexico court in August of 2009, just weeks before the actor died. Swayze, who died in September, 2009 following a twenty-month battle with pancreatic cancer could be the subject of a new, and long running legal battle between his wife Lisa Niemi, her brother Eric, Patrick’s mother and siblings.

Swayze’s family claims that they were surprised by a new revised will following Patrick’s death, one that was signed and filed in New Mexico in July, 2009 just weeks before the 57 year old actor lost his battle to cancer. The second updated will has a couple of flaws according to Swayze’s family, one it was signed at a time when he was very sick, in the hospital, a time when he was not capable of understanding, or signing anything, they claim.

Secondly, the entire Swayze family, of his mother, two brothers and a sister were all excluded from the will getting zilch in Patrick’s $40 million estate. Crazy thing is a family friend claims that as sick as Patrick as at the time this is in no way possible. The family is so confidenthat they had the documents reviewed by handwriting specialist, Peggy Walla, a Texas-based forensic document and handwriting examiner.

Walla reveals that after studying several documents and signatures made by Patrick Swayze over the years that she backs their theory claiming that it is highly doubtful that Swayze signed these papers. It looks as if the family is going to be taking matters into the courts to rule on the alleged documents hauling his newly married,widow Lisa and her brother Eric, who was made co-executor into court on the matter.

So sad that even after more than five years following the “Ghost” star’s demise he will not be getting to rest in peace for a while. What do you think, did Patrick Swayze’s wife Lisa and her brother forge he actor signature to change the will weeks before his death?


Patrick Swayze family claims will was forged
Casey Scheffler
October 29, 2014