James Brown companion moves to ban DNA-proven children from estate hearings (SC)

Check out EoD friend Sue Summer’s latest on the James Brown estate:

The companion of music legend James Brown has asked an Aiken Court in South Carolina to ban several of Brown’s children from participating in hearings that will determine if Brown had a spouse when he died on Christmas Day 2006.

According to several filings in the Brown estate case, the determination of Brown’s marital status will have an effect on the rights of his children under the Federal Copyright Act—and in turn, on his education charity.

Companion Tomirae Hynie inherited nothing under Brown’s 2000 will, which left his music empire to the “I Feel Good” Trust for educating needy children in South Carolina and Georgia.

In 2007, Hynie contested the will, claiming to be Brown’s wife and entitled to a spousal share of his estate. Under a settlement deal approved in 2009, Hynie was given one-quarter of Brown’s music empire, and the six children named in his will were given another quarter.

The settlement was overturned in May 2013 by the South Carolina Supreme Court, which called the deal a “dismemberment” of Brown’s “noble” estate plan.

Since the 2013 ruling, Hynie has renewed her spousal claim, and her motion for summary judgment is scheduled for Nov. 24.


James Brown companion moves to ban DNA-proven children from estate hearings
Sue Summer
November 14, 2014