FBN to air ‘Strange Inheritance’

Estate of Denial® was launched in 2007. At that time, traditional media’s coverage of inheritance rights or probate abuse was minimal and usually off the mark. Any online issue advocacy was usually of an “it’s about me” nature with the scope limited to that “me” field of vision.

Over the years, while mainstream coverage continues its superficial approach to addressing this issue, what used to go unreported definitely now gets more attention. The frequency and depth of probate abuse will only grow for a variety of obvious reasons, but at least the existence of this corruption is more acknowledged as just a few years ago, it was routinely denied.

With all this, how Fox Business News treats this subject matter in a new program entitled ‘Strange Inheritance’ will be of interest:

FOX Business Network announced Wednesday the development of an original alternative primetime program entitled ‘Strange Inheritance’ that will debut in summer 2014.

Kevin Magee, executive vice president for the network, said the show will be hosted by FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and will explore “real-life stories of unconventional inheritances.”

In a statement announcing the show, Magee said, “A venture like Strange Inheritance helps us diversify our primetime programming. Its eccentric premise is a compelling option for a business audience after hours.”

The half-hour show is being produced by Jonathan Towers, founder and senior executive producer of Towers Productions, LLC. Towers has worked on a number of reality-based series, including: A&E’s American Justice, National Geographic’s Inside 9/11 and History Channel’s Gangland.

Strange Inheritance goes into production in late February, the network said.

Brian Gaffney, currently an executive producer with FOX News Channel’s documentary unit, has been promoted to Director of Special Programming for FBN and will manage the production of Strange Inheritance. Gaffney has overseen production on more than 90 documentaries and specials for the network.

FOX Business is owned by 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ: FOX), also the parent company of FOXBusiness.com.