Is Battleground Texas the new ACORN?

The new ACORN? That’s what Battleground Texas is being called by Project Veritas, the group known for investigating numerous government-related illegalities – most notably, its 2008 exposé of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Following the release of Project Veritas’ latest video, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, also currently a candidate for re-election, is calling for an investigation of Battleground Texas over possible misconduct in registering voters and the group’s subsequent handling of private information collected.

Based on Project Veritas’ reporting of what appear as illegal voter registration practices in San Antonio, Dewhurst wrote this to Secretary of State Nandita Berry:

I am outraged at the recent reports of private data harvesting by Battleground Texas. As a strong believer in the democratic process who wants every eligible Texan to vote, I find these efforts to hijack the registration process for partisan gain entirely unacceptable. It appears that representatives of Battleground Texas were either official registrars who misused personal voter information, or they unlawfully posed as official voter registrars to trick people into handing over personal information. Either of those actions is a violation of Texas law. Texans whose personal information has been harvested under the guise of a voter registration effort not only deserve an explanation, but also assurances that their information has been destroyed by any entity other than the Secretary of State’s office. In my view, the seriousness of this issue merits immediate referral to the Attorney General’s office. Please let me know if my office can be of any assistance in this matter.

Project Veritas says this of its latest video:

In one of our most recent videos a Battleground Texas volunteer talks about forging signatures on official voting documents (which is voter fraud) nonchalantly saying, “It happens all the time.”

She’s right it, it does. And Project Veritas proves it in this latest video.

Battleground Texas Field Organizer Jennifer Longoria was caught on camera multiple times making statements such as, “So every time we register someone to vote we keep their name and number.”

Doing so however, is illegal. According to the Secretary of State, it is unlawful to transcribe, copy, or otherwise record a telephone number furnished on a voter registration application.

And if they can get Texans to vote, Longoria says, they can “change the elections pretty drastically.”

The video also addresses Battleground Texas’ relationship to Enroll America, the organization tasked with enrolling participants in Obamacare.

The raw video can be found at

Per San Antonio’s KENS News, Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen has also recommended the video be investigated by the state.

Prior Watchdog Wire – Texas articles including Battleground Texas: Political activism masking professional opportunism? have examined the organization’s ties with Texas trial lawyers. The political heft coming in behind Battleground Texas’s effort is further detailed in ‘Battleground Texas’ seeks to turn Texas ‘blue.’

Lou Ann Anderson is an information activist and the editor of Watchdog Wire – Texas. As also a contributor at Raging Elephants Radio and a policy analyst with Americans for Prosperity – Texas, she writes and speaks on a variety of public policy topics. Lou Ann is the creator and online producer at Estate of Denial®, a website that addresses probate abuse via wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney as well as other taxpayer advocacy issues.

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