Court of inquiry files criminal charges against Michael Morton prosecutor (TX)

It will be two years in August that Estate of Denial® began writing about the Michael Morton case. We were proud to be part of a cadre of bloggers and other media who sat in a Williamson County courtroom less than 90 days later watching the announcement of Morton’s exoneration and the man having spent nearly 25 years in prison wrongfully convicted of murder walk out of that central Texas courthouse well on the road to being a free man.

With that backdrop and knowing the nature of Williamson County “justice,” it’s again incredible to believe these events unfolded Friday:

And while Lehmberg was settling into her cell Friday afternoon, the courtroom drama shifted to neighboring Williamson County and the court of inquiry seeking to determine if criminal charges are in order with regard to State District Judge Ken Anderson’s conduct as district attorney during the 1987 Michael Morton murder trial.

See District Attorneys Present, Past Make Headlines in Travis, Williamson Counties to read the full account of what happened.

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