Sex offender trying to get hands on Doris Duke’s fortune: suit (NY)

A convicted child molester is trying to get his hands on trust funds belonging to the twin teenage heirs of Doris Duke’s massive fortune, court papers charge.

In papers filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, JPMorgan Chase Bank says the twins’ mom, Daisha Inman, has rekindled her relationship with her ex-con ex-husband, Randy Williams — who was convicted of molesting two stepdaughters, allegedly sexually assaulted a boy, and has been charged at various times with crimes ranging from rape to insurance fraud.

The bank suspects he might have been behind some of Inman’s recent and bizarre requests for cash from her kids’ trust funds. Those include plans to take the 15-year-olds to not-so-family-friendly Las Vegas and to buy a cache of gold coins.

The bank refused, and instead gave Inman cash to take the teens on a vacation to Oregon. But it suspects she used the money to bring the teens to Sin City anyway, the filings say.The bank has been butting heads with Inman since the teens’ father — Daisha’s other ex-husband and Manhattan socialite Duke’s nephew — died in 2010. It contends Inman’s free spending is threatening to deplete some of their trust funds, which are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.The bank wants a court order keeping Williams away from the kids’ affairs, and forcing Inman to disclose how she has been spending her children’s cash.


Sex offender trying to get hands on Doris Duke’s fortune: suit
The ex-con ex-husband of Daisha Inman, who is mother to the twin teenage heirs of Duke, is alleged to be behind Inman’s bizarre requests for cash.
Barbara Ross/Dareh Gregorian
April 10, 2013
New York Daily News

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