Judge sides with heir in Connecticut’s Smoron farm-jacking

Promising news out of Connecticut today. Excitement, however, is tepid at best as these cases have a way of going on and you know….

Anyway, MyRecordJournal.com is reporting the following:

SOUTHINGTON — Nearly four years after he was disinherited by a local attorney and a probate court judge, a Hartford Superior Court judge sided with Samuel Manzo in his claim to Josephine Smoron’s estate.

Manzo, who was named a beneficiary in Smoron’s 1996 and 2004 wills sued Smoron’s conservator John T. Nugent after he created two trusts and filled them with her cash and real estate assets. The creation and funding of the trusts was approved on May 12, 2009 by Southington Probate Court Judge Bryan Meccariello.

Smoron owned about 90 acres of farmland near Interstate 84. Nugent had a sales agreement with local developer Carl Verderame for the land prior to establishing the trusts, but the deal has been in limbo after Manzo filed suit. Verderame was an intervener in the lawsuit.

A Hartford judge ruled Tuesday that the trusts violated Smoron’s estate plan and were invalid.

It not known Wednesday if Nugent would appeal the ruling.


Judge sides with Manzo in Southington probate case
Mary Ellen Godin
March 20, 2013

For background, Estate of Denial®  has posted many articles on this case as well as written several original commentaries:

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Bottom line. This case along with the latest on James Brown’s estate serve as important reminders that property belonging to hard-working Americans is at risk. These cases remind why “I’m from the government and here to help you” should remain a cautionary concept. These cases show that what government is willing to do to its citizens can be far more devastating than benefit derived thereof.

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