New James Brown estate fallout as four parties ask Supreme Court to reconsider ruling (SC)

Several weeks after the South Carolina Supreme Court rejected a settlement orchestrated by a former state attorney general regarding the estate of music legend James Brown terming it “unjust and unreasonable” and “overreaching,” new fallout is occurring via four court filings asking the Court to reconsider its ruling.

Here’s the latest from Sue Summer:

Attorney General (AG) Alan Wilson is one of four parties that have asked the South Carolina Supreme Court to reconsider its recent ruling on the James Brown estate settlement.

On Feb. 27 the Court rejected the settlement deal forged by former AG Henry McMaster as overreaching, unreasonable–and not in accordance with Brown’s wishes that the bulk of his music empire be used to fund an education charity for needy students, the “I Feel Good” Trust.

The McMaster deal gave away over half of Brown’s music empire to those he had disinherited.

Four petitions, often contradictory, were filed last week with the Court by: AG Alan Wilson, James B. (son of Brown’s companion Tomirae Hynie), current trustee Russell Bauknight of Columbia, and former trustee Adele Pope of Newberry.

Some of the contradictions might have been resolved with the release of documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)—and a $300 DNA test—but no evidence that might have substantiated the arguments was submitted with the pleadings.

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AG Wilson and Others Seek Reconsideration In James Brown Estate Ruling
Sue Summer
March 18, 2013

Summer goes on to detail the various court filings which are contradictory in some respects, suggestive of motivations or concerns in others. See the full article
AG Wilson and Others Seek Reconsideration In James Brown Estate Ruling at WatchdogWire.

The take from Estate of Denial® is simply that the estate hijackers are displeased at the disruption of their gravy train. Some running for political cover, however, is also likely ahead.

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