Peter Kelly and other Thibeault heirs come to agreement (CAN)

There was a hearing at Probate Court scheduled for today, expected to last all day, to hear the heirs’ challenge to former mayor Peter Kelly’s accounting of the Mary Thibeault estate. But at the last moment the hearing was cancelled, because the heirs and Kelly have come to a settlement.

That settlement, however, still must be approved by Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski. This won’t be a proper hearing—Rosinski merely has to read and sign the settlement.

That approval was also supposed to happen today, but the lawyers for both sides were late getting the paperwork in, and Rosinski left at noon for a Cape Breton trial. He won’t be back in Halifax until Monday, and that’s when he’ll consider the Thibeault settlement.

Lawyer Larry Graham tells The Coast he’ll make the settlement public as soon as (and presuming) Rosinski approves it. Graham represents Elizabeth Herritt, who has replaced Kelly as executor of the estate, and who represents most of the remaining heirs. Kelly also is an heir.


Peter Kelly and other Thibeault heirs come to agreement
Court hearing of former Halifax mayor’s accounting of estate averted at last moment.
Tim Bousquet
March 6, 2013
The Coast

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