A couple of items out of Dallas County (TX)

First, the trial of Edwin Olsen appeared, as per the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office web site, scheduled for this week – Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Case information has now been updated and indicates a reset of the trial with the new date scheduled Sept. 9, 2013. Olsen, a now-disbarred attorney, is the second defendant scheduled for trial in the 4949 Swiss Ave. case which involves the historic home and the estate of Mary Ellen Bendtsen. Click here for background on the case and prosecution of the first defendant, Dallas antique dealer Mark McCay.

We’ll keep you posted as new developments occur. While Dallas County is rarely helpful in providing advance information, efforts will continue.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Dallas and the county’s district attorney, check out the latest on DA Craig Watkins.  He dodged a subpoena to show up at a hearing investigating his potential misconduct in filing mortgage fraud charges against Al Hill III, the great-grandson of oilman H.L. Hunt, and his wife, Erin.  Indictments raise new suspicions on Dallas DA Watkins’ actions, motives offers background on this case.

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