Sexual harassment claims–Texas county officials; hand–glove; mac–cheese; lyrics–songs; pop–corn

We’re talking alleged abuse of power with a serious cost to taxpayers over at Watchdog Wire – Texas.  Check out Tarrant County D.A. Sexual Harassment Claim Costs Taxpayers Nearly $500,000.

Can’t help but remind of two years ago when we were reporting on a similar situation in Williamson County (TX) regarding allegations made against now former County-Court-at-Law Judge Don Higginbotham.

Click here for a listing of articles on Higginbotham and the cast of other taxpayer-funded characters.   Click here for specifics of the Wilco settlement.

Interestingly, the Wilco settlement amount is the same as the Tarrant County.  Wonder if that’s the Texas Association of Counties’ (TAC) standard sexual harassment recommended payoff number?  TAC, for those of you unfamiliar with the realities of public policy machinations, is the “man behind the curtain,” the one pulling many strings routinely calculating ways to spend more of your money — but that’s for another day.  We’re early on in the 83rd Texas Legislature.

But while on county government, it’s not to say there aren’t decent, hard-working individuals operating within this realm.  However as a culture, it’s nasty and should never be mistaken as highly-respectable, well-behaved or even competently accountable with regard to YOUR money.  Another reminder of this culture came just last week with Former Liberty County Grand Jury Members Question Abrupt Dismissal.

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