Dauben sexual assault trial underway (TX)

The sexual assault trial of Joey Dauben is currently underway in Navarro County.  The former Texas blogger has spent much of the last year in jail awaiting trial on this as well as another “fraudulent use of identifying information” charge of which he was convicted in November.  That case is now on appeal.

Journalist David Webb has provided great coverage and analysis of Dauben’s ongoing legal challenges.  He is attending this week’s trial and described yesterday’s opening session in Former Texas blog publisher’s trial on sexual assault charges starts; court seats jury:

CORSICANA, TX — Navarro County’s 13th District Court succeeded today, Jan. 7,  in seating a jury to hear former Ellis County Observer blog publisher Joesph G. Dauben’s trial on sexual assault of a child charges.

Dauben’s case will be heard by a jury of 12 that includes a mix of men and women and three African-Americans.

The court failed Oct. 29, 2012, to seat a jury to hear the case against Dauben, 31, whom prosecutors allege assaulted a 15-year-old male teenager in 2007 during a church camping trip. Judge James Lagomarsino declared a mistrial when only five jurors out of a pool of 62 got approved to hear the case.

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Former Texas blog publisher’s trial on sexual assault charges starts; court seats jury
David Webb
January 8, 2013
Watchdogwire – Texas

Estate of Denial® recently highlighted a David Webb article in which he detailed the attacks he’s received in covering this story as well as context and perspective regarding the charges Dauben faces.  Click here to read more articles we’ve posted on Dauben’s legal battles.

While Dauben’s reporting has sometimes been reckless, he’s also brought to light some credibly troubling situations.  His legal prosecutions bring to mind questions of potential retribution.  The outcome of his cases could also establish precedent that could impact citizen journalists and bloggers or web site operators throughout the state.

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

  • Sarah B

    you people are idiots. Anyone who spent enough time with him knows the disturbing things he’s capable of. threatening a Venus School Board Member by annonomous letters spouting lies about her daughter… Posting pictures of another teenager girl drinking (underage, but in the presence of her mother at home). Making internet calls for a RAPE VICTIM TO COMMIT SUICIDE along with Brandy L Owen

  • knowitall

    oh and I hate to break it to you but David Webb wouldn’t even be spending this much time on Joey if he didn’t want a piece of that child molesting ass. Joey’s gonna be Big Bubba’s favorite little fuck toy