Second wife wins hubby’s inheritance (CH)

A local court ruled that a 70-year-old woman whose deceased husband left multiple wills should inherit his 374,000 yuan ($60,101) investment account and half of their home on Nanjing Road West, Jing’an District People’s Court said Friday.

The woman, whom the court called Zhang Qian, was sued in May 2012 by her husband’s three sons, according to a court press release. In their lawsuit, the sons demanded their father’s investment money, the house and the rest of their father’s property.

Their father, surnamed Lin, married Zhang in October 1999 after his first wife passed away in 1995. Before he died in July 2011, Lin left four wills behind, some of which were contradictory.

In June 2001 and May 2002, Lin wrote two wills that he later had notarized, according to the press release. In both wills, Lin left Zhang the balance of his investment account and his house on Nanjing Road West, which he and Zhang bought together.

However, Lin made another will in 2007 that said he would leave his inheritance to his sons, according to the court. That will was contradicted by a fourth will that Lin wrote in February 2009, which said the two wills he made 2001 and 2002 were valid. In the 2009 will, he also vowed that he would not make any more wills.

Under the law, the court gives precedence to the last will that one writes during his lifetime.

Zhang agreed to give Lin’s Titoni watch, his gold ring and the expensive wooden furniture in their home to her husband’s sons, according to the court.


Second wife wins hubby’s inheritance
Global Times
December 3, 2012
People’s Daily Online