X Factor 2012 judge Britney Spears’ internet and phone restricted by fiance Jason Trawick?

Does US X-Factor judge Britney Spears face restrictions on Internet and cell phone use, put in place by her beau Jason Trawick?

Reports have claimed that Brit is monitored and restricted to protect her.

Spears – who has been under the conservatorship of her father Jamie for more than four years – is being protected by her family and fiance Jason Trawick from seeing any negative stories about her, so they don’t allow her to access any gossip websites.

They are also restricting her phone use so her old manager Sam Lutfi can’t get in touch with her.

A source told RadarOnline.com: ”Britney’s cell phone and internet use is restricted and heavily monitored, and this is done for her protection. Britney’s father Jamie and her fiance Jason want to make sure that her former manager, Sam Lutfi, isn’t able to contact her. Britney and Jason essentially share a cell phone, and it’s routinely checked to see who has been calling.

”Furthermore, the cell phones have been programmed to block calls from phone numbers associated with Lutfi. Britney’s computer usage is also restricted in the sense that certain websites are blocked. Her family doesn’t want Britney reading negative stories that would upset her. Again, this is all done with love and for her well-being.”

A restraining order against Sam – who has made a string of allegations about Britney – which prevented him contacting the singer and her two sons ran out earlier this year so the family are doing everything they can to protect her.

The source continued: ”After the restraining order expired, the conservators went to extra lengths to make sure that Sam wasn’t able to contact Britney because there was no longer any criminal threat if he were to violate terms of the restraining order.”


X Factor 2012 Judge Britney Spears’ Internet and Phone Restricted by Fiance Jason Trawick?
October 4, 2012
The National Ledger