Nashville probate judge orders sale of Danny Tate home (TN)

It was with great sadness that we read the Pauper v. Probate: Order for Sale of Home post at Impeachrandykennedy’s Blog which details how the home of Nashville singer/songwriter Danny Tate is set for public auction on Tuesday, Sept. 18.  The sale is per an order issued by Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Randy Kennedy as part of the conservatorship he pretended to terminate two years ago in response to a public outcry over the outwardly corrupt nature of the proceedings through which Tate was conserved and his estate looted.  Two years later, Tate continues fighting to regain control of his property as the attorneys working in concert with Kennedy’s court continue what appears as a continued legal assault.

From Impeachrandykennedy’s Blog:

Judge Randy Kennedy has ordered the sale of Danny Tate’s home in an ongoing conservatorship that was allegedly terminated May 24, 2010, nunc pro tunc. The auction is set for Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012, at 10 a.m. on the courthouse steps. Ain’t nothing like a Kennedy Conservatorship. He’ll conserve you right into bankruptcy, homelessness and indigence.

Conservatorship is meant to protect, but in Tennessee, it destroys | The Tennessean |

Paul Housch entered the Motion for Order of Sale, and was joined by Michael G. Hoskins……both probate practitioners who created the debt, along with unpaid taxes to the IRS by the fiduciary/conservator, David E. Tate. The entire debt falls at the feet of this court and its officers.

Hoskins Motion for Order of Sale

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While knowing for some time that this was indeed a possibility, seeing a time and date set reminded of the realities associated with probate abuse and potential reform.  At a Monday lunch, probate corruption cases from Texas to Tennessee to South Carolina (see South Carolina AG’s hold on James Brown estate: doesn’t ‘feel good,’ seem right) were a topic with all present in agreement that a special place in Hell was warranted for those who perpetrate these actions.  And Judge Randy Kennedy will undoubtedly be eligible for premium seating in that special place.

Dead or alive – James Brown, Danny Tate show threats to property rights thrive is a recent Estate of Denial® column written about this case.  It gives an overview of the estate looting and legal gamesmanship that has endured in Tate’s case and passes for “justice” in the Tennessee legal system.

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