Lippman, State Justice Institute nomination stirs allegations of 9/11 donation fraud cover-up, estate looting, political cronyism (NY)

An interesting post at Expose Corrupt Courts features the following letter:

Every U.S. Senator will be greeted this morning with an urgent request to vote against President Obama’s nominee for the national organization The State Justice Institute. The communication, along with various related newspaper articles was sent, via facsimile, to all D.C. and local state offices of all U.S. Senators.

September 10, 2012

The United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20004

RE: Vote on Presidential Nominee Jonathan Lippman for The State Justice InstituteJonathan Lippman’s Involvement in Cover-Up of 9/11 Donation Fraud

Dear Senator,

Please vote against the President’s nomination of Jonathan Lippman to be a member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute. The U.S. Senate’s Executive Calendar for September 10, 2012, lists the pending Privileged Nomination at page 13, Message No. 1692 and 1693 – Jonathan Lippman of New York, to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute.

I have personal knowledge of Jonathan Lippman, in order to protect political supporters in New York, covering-up a fraud involving over $100,000.00 in stolen 9/11 donation monies, and that further defrauded an insurance company that partially paid out on the loss. To date, those stolen donation monies have NOT been repaid. (Please see the attached New York Times article, “Red Cross Quietly Settles Case of a $120,000 Theft,” by Stephanie Strom (April 28, 2006)

In addition, Jonathan Lippman was implicated in an alleged $40 Million Dollar fraud involving a prominent New Yorker who was on his deathbed. (Please see attached letter to the NY FBI). In fact, these troubling allegations involving Jonathan Lippman were reviewed by White House staffers on April 2, 2012, reportedly while finalizing approval of the President’s nomination. (See the June 12, 2012 story at, “White House ‘Criminal Leaks’ Explained.”

Jonathan Lippman was politically created by his childhood friend, attorney Sheldon Silver who was, just last week, the target of a court order involving a Special Prosecutor to review criminal allegations of improperly using public funds to cover-up sex harassment charges by and against NYS officials. (Please see attached Village Voice article, “Justice is Blindsided- How Shelly Silver Made His Pal Chief Judge.” Various news articles about Jonathan Lippman’s friend and attorney Sheldon Silver- and the public’s outrage- can be seen at

The citizens of the United States deserve an end to corruption and cover-ups, and we all deserve your vote against the nomination of Jonathan Lippman for a position at the State Justice Institute.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL DOCUMENT WITH ATTACHMENTS, another New York-based web site whose mission is “to put tax dollar expenditures and other monies used or spent by our federal, state or city governments before your eyes and in your hands” shares similar concerns  over this nomination saying:

As anyone who lives in New York State and has had any case filed in the Courts knows, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman runs the show…unfairly, arbitrarily, capriciously, and without concern for due process and Constitutional Rights. He has been sued many times, and the Plaintiffs always get dismissed or give up, because you cant sue Lippman and win. This is the man who has been nominated by our President, Barack Obama, to be a member of the Board of the State Justice Institute. What a huge reckless error that is.

Per its web site, the State Justice Institute (SJI) “was  established by Federal law in 1984 to award grants to improve the quality of justice in State courts, facilitate better coordination between State and Federal courts, and foster innovative, efficient solutions to common issues faced by all courts.”  Lippman’s nomination for the SJI’s Board of Directors was announced in May.

Based on the current state of our court system, these folks wouldn’t seem too effective – which just supports our contention that a federal (top-down) governmental body or its legislation will rarely impact localized courts to a degree greater than a bottom-up effort facilitated by grassroots taxpayers working in concert with responsible (or motivated) and more locally-based elected officials.

In addition to the sheer tackiness of potentially covering up fraud related to 9/11 donations, Estate of Denial® took special interest in the allegations regarding the estates of Ruth and Herb Weissberg (see pages 6-8).  Click here to additional background on the Weissberg case.

Thanks to Expose Corrupt Courts for sharing.  We hope our New York friends will keep us posted on the status of this nomination.

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    Please see the above referenced criminal NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman give his speech at wherein he admits that his Center for Court Innovation is all about “experimenting” with the courts, the US Constitution, and the law, both federal and state.

    In this interview he talks about changing the NYS Court System, “rethinking justice,” and other treasonous acts illustrating how this man plays with the lives of millions of people by subverting the US Constitution, the law, and the integrity of the judiciary and the courts as a whole.

    He constantly refers to the Judiciary as an “organization” like some kind of corrupt Mafia Don, completely throwing out the vision of the Founding Fathers and their views on what the Courts in the United States should be doing, the law they should be applying, and other established mechanisms of procedural and substantive jurisprudence as our Framers envisioned when they drafted the US Constitution.

    Each and every single Judge he has hand-picked and selected has been corrupted by him, and is ultimately owned by him.

    The methods these people use to mete out justice is easy to hide and mask when they punish people by setting them up with equally corrupted members of the NYPD, and then prosecuting people out of retaliation, retribution and vengeance, throwing people in jail and ripping families apart under the guise and color of law and authority.

    In essence Jonathan Lippman has created institutionalized “mafia rule” which completely and totally flies in the face of established US Jurisprudence.

    Lets hope the FBI investigates this man and his connections and throws him and his cronies in jail.