Update on 4949 Swiss Ave. estate abuse case (TX)

It looks like something is still scheduled for Edwin C. Olsen, the second of three defendants in Dallas’ 4949 Swiss Ave. case, on Friday, Aug. 31.  This expectation is based on information posted at “The Official Website of Dallas County”.

Estate of Denial® has previously discussed issues with getting information from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in our Estate of Denial, not real media, covers today’s 4949 Swiss Ave. not real case hearing and Another trial upcoming on Dallas’ 4949 Swiss Ave. case? Maybe, maybe not! posts.

This case presents much opportunity to talk about many aspects of probate abuse – including the reality that one need not be “rich” to become a target.  Thank you to the many readers who have contacted EoD complimenting our credible coverage and our not-often-found perspective on how these cases occur, that their frequency is far more than an unsuspecting public realizes and exposing the true nature (and players!) of the threats they pose.

We commend the Dallas County D.A.’s Office for taking on these prosecutions.  But in reality, across I-35 other Dallas County probate courts allow similar actions to routinely take place.  Perhaps that’s why our coverage isn’t welcomed.  They know it, we know it and as EoD starts our sixth year of “shining light on the dark side of estate management,” it’s obvious we’re looking to educate the public – i.e., taxpayers – of how far too many local governments and their legal industry cohorts are targeting individual liberties and property rights of untold numbers of Americans.

That said, here’s what we found on “The Official Website of Dallas County” about Friday’s hearing:

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