Ellis County employee cites ‘exposing waste’ as firing reason (TX)

Estate of Denial® has an ongoing interest in government accountability and transparency – especially when it comes to using taxpayer dollars.  Ellis County, just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, is a locale which also generates interest.  Put the two together and you have this story from WFAA:

ELLIS COUNTY – Alisha Wickens was hired to be the gate keeper over all purchases in Ellis County. But now she says she has been shown the door.

Fired by the Ellis County Judge, she said, after questioning the spending practices and the purchase of county equipment and supplies.

Wickens was hired by Ellis County Commissioners last summer to ensure county purchases were made responsibly. She had 20 years experience as a certified purchasing agent, and said she was able to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings after just a short period of time.

But when she questioned why one major contract kept getting bigger, without putting out for bids, she said her diligence was suddenly not appreciated.

“A contract cannot escalate to $1.6 million over three years, not legally,” Wickens said. “And when I brought that to the attention of the County Judge and Commissioners, I was told to leave it alone.”

Wickens said she was so concerned about how money was being spent, she took her concerns to the Ellis County District Attorney.

A few months later, Wickens got a letter from Ellis County Judge Carol Bush informing her she was fired. The reason, according to Bush, was Wickens’ “lack of knowledge regarding county government” and an “inability to get along with others.”

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Ellis County employee says she was fired for exposing waste
Brett Shipp
August 9, 2012