As James Brown estate saga gains spotlight, South Carolina fights to keep public in dark


Estate of Denial® believes The Newberry Observer’s Sue Summer is providing important exposure to what appears as a hijacking of the late “Godfather of Soul” James Brown’s estate by the state of South Carolina.

Although traditional media sources are keeping an obvious distance from a scenario that smacks of not only estate abuse, but also serious government overreach, we’re glad to see at least a few legal blogs are giving the story coverage based on a recent post at Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report. (FL)—or-lack-thereof.shtml (GA) (MI)

Of course, no one’s seriously addressing how after Brown’s death and in violation of his final wishes, the state tapped disinherited or previously excluded parties as heirs entitled to receive estate distributions.  And as taxpayer advocates and supporters of open, accountable government, the state’s refusal to cooperate with Freedom of Information requests which could settle once and for all if taxpayer dollars are being inappropriately used in pursuit of this action raises even more red flags.

Nonetheless, the South Carolina court system stays deaf to calls for compliance and transparency, the press stays conveniently blind to the story and the state of South Carolina hopes the public stays dumb to a situation which at best is unflattering and more likely nothing short of state-sponsored estate looting.