Another trial upcoming on Dallas’ 4949 Swiss Ave. case? Maybe, maybe not! (TX)

Working to avoid really stupid actions is something we take seriously here at Estate of Denial®, but tomorrow we’re sadly deviating from that course with a trip to Dallas for a trial related to the 4949 Swiss Ave. case that we don’t know if it’s truly happening.  With no willingness for confirmation from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, we’re taking our chances.

The potential trial is for the second Swiss Avenue defendant, disbarred attorney Edwin Carl Olsen.

The following articles were written based on attending five days of the recent Mark McCay trial and then returning to Dallas in late July for his sentencing.  McCay was the first of three defendants awaiting prosecution in this case.

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In her work as a Policy Advisor for Americans for Prosperity-Texas, this case has provided EoD creator/online producer Lou Ann Anderson ongoing opportunity to discuss the threats an unsuspecting public faces with regards to their property rights as well as their heirs’ rights of inheritance.  Just this summer, this case was a topic at both Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Right Online event in Las Vegas as well as the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington D.C.

We’ve been appreciative as other sites like our friends at Ramparts360, friends who share both our concerns about legal system abuse and our strong belief in the need for transparent government, have also picked up this story.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow we’ll either likely have something on the latest 4949 Swiss Ave. estate looting case development or new perspective on open government – or maybe both.