Legal opportunism, corruption seen in Texas, U.S., worldwide


Estate of Denial® routinely discusses opportunism and corruption as it relates to the American legal industry – be it via targeting estates as seen in Dallas’ 4949 Swiss Ave. case or through other seemingly predatory actions as Texas dental clinics or DMSOs (dental management service organizations) currently face.

While EoD often focuses on our home state, make no mistake that similar abuses are as well happening outside the Lone Star State.  Examples from across the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world are regularly featured on this site.  And similar patterns are seen throughout them all!

We were reminded of exactly that with two recent e-mails, one from EoD friends in Australia, another from friends in the U.K.  Both provided updates on recent battles with a corrupt legal industry.

From Australia:

ABC’s RadioNational recently hosted a discussion on its Background Briefing program about the rise and fall of Keddie’s, formerly one of the country’s top personal injury law firms until clients began coming forward with allegations of gross overcharging.

Per the program, some clients were being charged $9,000 per day for a solicitor’s review of their files.  Reporter Hagar Cohen told how principal lawyer, Russell Keddie, was removed from the legal roll after admitting to grossly overcharging one client, “a paraplegic woman from China.”  With more than 100 clients suing Keddies, forensic accountant Paul Hennessy described the extent of overcharging as “shocking.”

Click here to access the full interview.

From the U.K.:

We hear of many alleged abuses emanating from the U.K.’s Court of Protection, a venue which appears similar to our probate system.  This court’s jurisdictional capacity over an individual’s property or welfare creates a breeding ground for those seeking exploitative opportunities.

This letter was sent to an assortment of government officials highlighting the legal industry’s self-interested use of public policies and the courts along with how these practices are harming an unsuspecting public.

Dear Sirs

The Court of Protection/Public Guardian will now be open to the same abuse by criminals as the Land Registry has been. Why is the government even considering this?

It is an open invitation to fraudsters. As it stands at the moment, no proper checks and balances are in place to prevent fraudsters obtaining Powers of Attorney, in any case. The Public Guardian/Court of Protection checks nothing, including whether or not relatives have been advised of the application (a process required by law). This online application form will make it easier for fraudsters, who are already operating through the court. For example:

If there had been checks and balances in place, this could never have happened.

Furthermore, there is no ceiling on legal fee schedules, which is a disgrace, considering that legal professionals are bleeding dry the most vulnerable people in society, and the government does nothing to protect them from abuse by unscrupulous lawyers.

Yours sincerely,

Jean James

Estate of Denial® believes that defending property rights – be it those of an individual or a business – is one of the most critical challenges we face today.  Any diminishing of these rights – whether here in the U.S. or elsewhere – moves a citizenry toward a path of less freedom and limited potential prosperity.

Thomas Jefferson understood how “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  Today’s question:  does the public?  And if so, are they willing to engage to ensure that freedom is preserved?