Estate dispute revisited as Drew Peterson trial for Kathleen Savio murder continues (IL)


The Drew Peterson trial in which the former Bolingbrook, IL, police sergeant is charged with the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

With that, this seems a good time to remind our Estate of Denial® audience of an interesting probate aspect attached to this case.  We’ve been unable to find updated information on this estate angle, but court documents strongly suggest that Savio’s father and siblings believed an upcoming property distribution related to the couple’s divorce may have been a factor in Savio’s death.

Peterson’s actions with regard to Savio’s estate, as described in court documents, could be construed as potentially motivated by self-interest and seeking to circumvent any court-ordered property distribution in the divorce case which could possibly work against Peterson’s interests.  The pattern of actions taken certainly are consistent with what is commonly seen in other questionable estate cases.

Here’s a 2009 post in which EoD discussed an interesting web site, Justice Cafe, that chronicles the cases of Kathleen Savio and Stacey Peterson, Drew Peterson’s third and fourth wives respectively.  The site also includes documents regarding the Savio estate dispute.

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