Narcissistic personalities and estate disputes


Much thought-provoking psychology surrounds those who perpetrate estate abuse as well as the targets of such actions.

With that, we found this post from on narcissistic personality disorders and estate disputes of great interest:

“I found this article very interesting and also very much in line with my own experience working with people who involved in serious family disputes (sometimes, but not always related to inheritances).

The first of Accettura’s reasons is, in my experience, quite rightly stated first. It is, in the case of serious disputes, by far the most commonly present and by a long way the most intractable. People with personality disorders, itself a major psychiatric diagnosis, are often unwilling or unable to negotiate on a basis that to other people would seem “reasonable”.

Those with the so-called “cluster B” disorders are usually the least able to alter their positions and those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are given to words and deeds that can astonish in their cruelty.

This last personality disorder, the narcissistic, is remarkably common, some believe more than 2% of the population would be diagnosed with it (people with the disorder will rarely submit themselves for diagnosis because they appear to suffer much less than their victims) and they are disproportionately, although by no means exclusively, male. It particularly lends itself to disputes about inheritances for several reasons.

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This post appears to have been in response to another interesting post entitled The Top Five Reasons Why Families Fight Over Inheritances.