McCay sentenced in 4949 Swiss Ave. estate case (TX)


Mark McCay, the antique dealer found guilty last month for attempted theft of more than $200,000 in connection with the estate of Mary Ellen Bendtsen and her residence at 4949 Swiss Ave. in Dallas, was sentenced today to four years probation, 30 days in the county jail and a $1,000 fine.  With up to 20 years prison time as a potential sentence, prosecutors had recommended ten years.

Estate of Denial® was on hand for today’s sentencing as well as much of last month’s trial.  Our prior coverage included:

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Needless to say, EoD has definite perspective on the case presented against McCay as well as the sentencing outcome.  That commentary will be available tomorrow.

The Dallas Morning News was also on hand at today’s proceeding.  This story will likely be front page, above-the-fold in tomorrow’s edition.  Meanwhile, here’s a blog post from this afternoon that gives a basic rundown.

The trial of a man convicted of attempted theft in a case of potential elder-abuse over the 4949 Swiss Ave. estate ended today with a fine of $1,000 and a sentencing of four years on probation and 30 days in county jail.

Mark McCay was first charged with attempted theft about six-and-a-half years ago. He was accused of convincing Dallas model/socialite Mary Ellen Bendtsen to leave him and his partner –Justin Burgess– her portion of the 4949 Swiss Avenue home in a will she signed in the hospital the day she had a stroke in February 2005.

McCay who has refrained from showing much emotion publicly in trial hugged a half-dozen supporters and shouted, “Oh, praise the Lord! Thank you so much!”


Mark McCay sentenced to probation in 4949 Swiss Ave. elder abuse trial
Andrew Pantazi
July 27, 2012
The Dallas Morning News