Dedman: Lawsuit alleges Huguette Clark ‘bled $44 million in gifts’ by staff


Bill Dedman’s latest Huguette Clark article brought to mind a verse from God Bless the Child.  Remember this one?

And when you got money,
You got a lots of friends
Crowdin’ ’round your door
When the money’s gone
And all your spendin’ ends
They won’t be ’round any more
No, no, no more

It would seem that while Huguette Clark was alive, the crowd around her door was significant.  In Staff bled $44 million in gifts from heiress Huguette Clark, suit says, Investigative Reporter Dedman writes:

NEW YORK — The nurses, doctors, hospital, attorney and accountant for the reclusive heiress Huguette Clark coerced or influenced her to give them more than $44 million in gifts, the executor of her estate claimed in a remarkable legal petition filed Tuesday in Manhattan. The executor asked the court to order all the money to be repaid.

The executor doesn’t deny that Clark authorized nearly all of these gifts, relentlessly writing hundreds of checks in her own steady hand until her eyesight gave out at the age of 102.

The accusations were vigorously denied by Clark’s attorney, whose representative said, “To suggest that these gifts were not from Mrs. Clark’s generous heart is to denigrate the person who gave these gifts, as well as the recipients who cared for her with their love.”

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We’ve been reminded lately that some people view doing a good job as meriting a little “somethin’-somethin’” or maybe a retention incentive.  In the past, a job was appreciated.  In today’s world, employment seems to mean performing at a job’s most base-level.  Doing a good job evidently is akin to cheese on a hamburger – it’s available – you just have to ask for it and pay extra.  Perhaps that’s the work ethic of those who surrounded Clark.

In the meantime, glad Bill Dedman is staying on this story.  People just need to understand that you don’t have to be worth $400 million to be targeted for such actions.  Similar looting efforts occur with estates of far less value.  Don’t be fooled thinking otherwise!

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