Probate abuse can be another form of human trafficking

Marti Oakley has an interesting article from 2011 over at The PPJ Gazette entitled Human trafficking: It ain’t just for sex anymore.  The article says:

When we think of human trafficking most of us immediately assume that this occurs only in the arena of sexual exploitation.  At some point in time this may have been true.  Today, human trafficking encompasses many forms and there is not one of us who can safely assume that we would somehow be exempt from any type of human trafficking.

While the sexual exploitation and trafficking for the purposes of sex is often highlighted in MSM, rarely do they ever report on the trafficking that occurs courtesy of our courts, unscrupulous politicians and yes, even those demi-gods….doctors, therapists and psychiatrists.  There is money to be made exploiting the vulnerable, the sick, the weak, the aging (with assets) and even children who have been unfortunate enough to become wards of the state and forced into foster care.  While sexual activity may not be the cause and concern in these instances, what happens to these individuals is no less a form of human trafficking for profit.

In each of the above stated groups, the trafficking of human beings for profit is facilitated by social service agencies, corrupt probate courts, and family courts.  To be declared a “ward of the state”, is to be housed by, and to receive necessities and protection of the government.  It also means to lose any and all rights of any kind, whatsoever.  The “state” now owns what has become a chattel property and may do with that property whatever it desires to do.

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Human trafficking: It ain’t just for sex anymore
Marti Oakley
March 18, 2011
The PPJ Gazette

Probate abuse gives entry into numerous illicit and immoral activities.  This is one more recognition of exactly that.

  • Guest

    “Officers of the court” really love adult guardianship because this by far is the easiest money they make. The court just takes your Constitutional rights so you don’t have any protection under the law and then gives Your Person, all that you own, and your rights to a court appointed “guardian”…of their choice…not your choice. Don’t worry you don’t have to really be incapacitated or incompetent to qualify for a guardianship, they will find a way around this minor problem just as they circumvent all the protective statutes in these utterly UN-Constitutional laws. And it doesn’t matter what age you are. Although the aging and disabled are by far the easiest targets. And if a full guardianship is just too obvious an abuse of the law, then they always have the limited guardianship plan which makes it much easier for them to get ANYONE into a guardianship. Although they ‘tailor’ a limited guardianship, the two rights they always take from you are your right to your legal affairs and your right to your financial affairs. Once in control, the plunder begins…the “guardian” commandeers your source of income, takes over and spends the money in your checking account, takes the money out of your saving accounts, surrenders the equity in your life insurance policies (then lets the policies lapse,) liquidates your IRAs, withdraws your retirement accounts, and sells your property. And apparently the “guardian” is unconcerned about the tax events created by their actions or the tax debts they create in your name…because they use YOUR SS#. As long as they are sure to have their friendly judge sign off on their actions, they are safe. Guardianship = Civil Death and Financial Destruction. These actions are taken in “The Best Interest?” Thousands of lives are being destroyed…”In The Best Interest”…of who?

  • hairylegs27

    NJ Judge Walter Koprowski Jr. Probate Court Chancery Division Essex needs to be removed from the bench for his crimes against the good citizens of the United States and his fraud under color of law. Guardian Vanessa D. Taylor of the taylor insurance group of Manalapan NJ need to lose their insurance license for their co-mingling of the monies of my father’s estate. See

  • Jr9del

    Recent state laws permitting assets to escheat to the state in the case of fraud, conflict and malfeasance are simply another method of state forfeiture that tends to cut out the beneficiaries and heirs to make probate cases pay both the fraudulent lawyers and tustees, as well as to preserve assets for the state, cutting out the heirs as victims or rightful owners. This recent trend is something which must come from the evil minds of persons who condoned the Holicaust thefts.