Area cities back calls for county judge’s resignation (TX)

Two Metrocom cities have jumped on the bandwagon in calling for the resignation of a Guadalupe County judge.

The Schertz and Cibolo city councils are backing a resolution that applauds the efforts of two county commissioners who are requesting that County Judge Mike Wiggins step down. County commissioners Jim Wolverton, who represents the Schertz-Cibolo area, and Kyle Kutscher asked for Wiggins’ resignation after his Feb. 6 arrest for possession of marijuana in College Station.

According to police reports, the county judge was found in possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana in a hotel room. Wiggins was in College Station that week attending a conference of state county officials.

Despite calls for his resignation, Wiggins, a former state trooper, has refused to step down. On Feb. 27 commissioners approved a non-binding resolution, by a 2-1 vote with one commissioner abstaining that called for Wiggins to resign. Supporting the resolution were Wolverton and Kutscher; voting against was Wiggins.

The resolutions approved by Schertz on March 6 and Cibolo on March 13 do not directly ask for Wiggins’ resignation, but back the resolution narrowly approved by commissioners court.

Schertz Councilman George Antuna said Wiggins’ actions compromised his duties as county judge, which include presiding over criminal and probate cases.

“Many of these folks that were coming before him (in court) I’m assuming did exactly what he did,” Antuna said. “And so he was passing judgment as a judge to these individuals knowing fully well that he was doing exactly the same thing and doing it for a while.”

Cibolo Councilman Miguel Troncoso said the council was within its right to directly ask Wiggins to step down.

“We represent (that) I would say is 20,000 residents in Guadalupe County,” Troncoso said. “I think that we should be able to take the position on where we stand on this issue.”

Cibolo Mayor Pro Tem Steve Liparoto said he would support the commissioners who are urging the county judge to resign, but that the city should not interfere in county business.

“I’m a little hesitant for one elected body telling another elected body what to do,” Liparoto said. “I think as a citizen and as a council person the judge continuing to occupy the position is a hypocrite. That’s the way I feel, but again I don’t think as elected bodies we should do that.”

Wolverton said he will continue to push for the county judge’s resignation.

“I am going to continue to ask the man to step down because he’s an embarrassment to law enforcement, he’s an embarrassment to Guadalupe County and he’s an embarrassment to the name ‘judge,’” Wolverton said.


Area cities back calls for county judge’s resignation
David DeKunder
March 20, 2012
San Antonio Express-News