Danny Tate’s ‘free speech’ victory (TN)


Our friend Danny Tate appears to have won a substantial victory with regard to free speech in America.  In a recent Pauper v. Probate: Tate v. Tate/Automattic, Inc. d/b/a WordPress-The Greatest Victory for Freedom of Speech in Modern American Jurisprudence, he writes:

Reader, do you realize what we’ve just witnessed at IRK (Impeach Randy Kennedy). This could be recognized as one of the greatest victories for Freedom of Speech in modern American jurisprudence… and it wasn’t decided in a court room. It was decided by “we, the people…”!

It was won without the victors ever entering a court room. It was won by “we, the people…”, one man adjudicated an indigent “pauper” by the same court vested with conserving a once substantial estate filing a Notice of Jurisdictional Issues pro se, in concurrence with WordPress who, by counsel within themselves, ignored an Order of Permanent Injunction over Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy by a Shelby County Chancery Court, at Memphis, TN, ruling in favor of the Defendant/”ward of the state”/blogger. Do you realize what just happened? Further evidence that our judiciary unconscionably and un-Constitutionally over steps its bounds, loathing the instructions of our Constitution, especially in Tennessee and all its corruption!

As I’ve been subjected to numerous courtrooms in Davidson County, TN, at Nashville, it has always been dumbfounding, defied logic (law should be 100% logic, and should be perceivable by common sense), to witness the illogical rulings that defied common sense. Attorneys have turned it into a casino of gambling and bartering, using clientele as a hand of cards, and they always hold a winning hand even when they lose, while their clientele are a consideration in line behind their own self-serving “careers”, garnering favor with judges at the clients expense. The days of truth and justice, where have they gone?

Now, I did pull a fast one on the court. At 10:15 a.m., the morning of the second “ex parte” hearing set for 10 a.m., I re-routed Impeachrandykennedy.wordpress.com to paupervprobate.com. WordPress shut them both down temporarily, but did engage communications with me. I sent them the one document I serviced this court with. I’m sure they had their legal department look at this long and hard, investigating the facts surrounding whether the ex parte court order was sufficient and if my blog did violate their terms and conditions. It did not for every claim was substantiated, plus the court lacked subject matter and personal jurisdiction to hear the Cause, proving with clear and convincing evidence that Judge Alvin B. Goldin’s ex parte Order did not hold up, Kennedy is a crook and David E. Tate, his “fiduciary” in the Conservatorship of John Daniel Tate aka Danny Tate, is a deviant sociopathic sadist. And, reader, we’ve yet to scratch the surface on just how deviant and sadistic this insignificant pen and t-shirt clerk is.

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Danny Tate shares our concerns over threats to free speech in America.  Several months ago, he joined us in Washington D.C. to hear, among others, Judge Andrew Napolitano speak.  As a protester attempted to shout down Napolitano, the judge responded saying, “God bless the First Amendment.  I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  Danny Tate celebrated that moment, that sentiment.  So did we.

Our recent post Help ‘Protect Your Voice’ strengthen citizen journalists, blogger rights further exemplifies our concern over this issue.  We congratulate Danny on this victory, but remind our Estate of Denial® audience of Thomas Jefferson’s ever-so important warning that “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZJK2QOU334YURO6FTKNNJWXSEI Discriminating against the dis

    A victory for Free Speech the same free speech Danny should allow others.
    It seems he can be hypocrit. He will not tolerate some but he wants his rights protected.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZJK2QOU334YURO6FTKNNJWXSEI Discriminating against the dis

    Reforming Guardianship is not the solution abolishment is. No person should be property of a court or state. It seems Danny wants his case to be front and center what about the thousands and thousands of disabled across this country.