EoD: probate lessons learned find application in other cases

A facade of respectability, a facade of integrity, a facade of success.  Many questionable acts are perpetrated by promoting such images.  Sometimes life experiences hint that things aren’t so picturesque as portrayed, but sometimes it takes years for those suspicious to be validated.

In watching abusive probate cases over the years, Estate of Denial® has learned much about the legal system.  With that, a troubling combination of local court cases has attracted our attention on a number of fronts.

Legitimate concern exists for the livelihoods and future prosperity of folks employed by a company around which this litigation centers.  With a strong belief in property rights, one can’t begrudge creditors pursuing debts rightfully owed despite such action potentially creating harmful consequences.  This tale will have no happy ending – its best hope is to minimize harm for a maximum number of those collaterally involved.

It’s easy to rail about endless spending – especially with what’s happening in our world today!  Not spending more than you take in.  It’s a simple concept, a simple concept equally applicable to any government, any company, any individual – any entity.  In this legal case, one of the judges termed certain perspective expressed as being “Alice in Wonderland.”  That brought to mind the Duchess character and her belief that everything has a moral.  If so, the moral of this tale is yet to be determined, but here’s an early frontrunner:  Fiscal responsibility begins at home.

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