Government Gone Wild! exposes new ‘special interest’ group

While the Government Gone Wild! video below addresses growth of the federal government, most levels of government reflect similar trends that entail larger infrastructure at greater taxpayer expense.  Those wanting more government services aren’t always the same folks who pay a lion’s share of the government’s tab.  With that and a growing government becoming its own special interest group (complete with block voting capabilities), the American public must come to understand the dynamics being created.

What does this have to estate disputes or probate abuse?  Simple.  Governments or influential parties (i.e., the legal industry) operating in tandem with government perpetrate many of the questionable cases highlighted here at Estate of Denial®.

Guardianships/conservatorships can be initiated by government – and their creation fosters government intervention.  Or stated differently, justification for increased employee numbers.  The state of South Carolina appears to have hijacked James Brown’s “I Feel Good” Trust and even redistributed estate assets to heirs previously disinherited by the Godfather of Soul.  In Southington, CT, Sam Manzo is still fighting for the Smoron Farm, a dairy farm left to him in a properly executed will, but diverted by local government to a local developer with plans for a sports complex.

That’s what the growth of government has to do with probate.  And growth at any government level promotes growth at all government levels.