Police association endorses Seitsinger in Williamson County Commissioners race (TX)

Williamson County is making news again not just with a ruling that puts now-District Judge Ken Anderson one step closer to facing a Court of Inquiry with regard to his conduct in the Michael Morton case, but also on the election front as Precinct 1 County Commissioner challenger Lee Ann Seitsinger has received an important endorsement from the Round Rock Police Officer’s Association.

Per a released statement:

Lee Ann Seitsinger has received the endorsement of the Round Rock Police Officer’s Association in her bid to unseat long-time County Commissioner Lisa Birkman in this year’s Republican Primary election.  The association made their announcement after both candidates made presentations and answered questions before their members.  Seitsinger says she believes the endorsement boiled down to concern over Williamson County’s skyrocketing debt.

“Under the leadership of Ms. Birkman, our county debt has increased from $720 million to $1.24 billion,” Seitsinger said.  “That is the third highest of any county in the state of any size, and per capita we have the highest debt of any county by almost double.  Every man, woman and child who lives here owes the county almost $2,000.  I have grave concerns about the sustainability of such a high debt and how it will ultimately impact law enforcement’s ability to keep our community safe.”

With her campaign based on controlling government spending, reducing government debt and reducing the burden of government on our citizens, Seitsinger says she is thrilled to have the backing of the law enforcement community.

“I understand how difficult it must be for them to stand up against an entrenched incumbent,” Seitsinger said of the RRPOA.  “We have one of the safest counties in the state thanks to these brave men and women, but we must be more responsible with our debt if we are going to stay that way.  We cannot saddle our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt if we hope to remain a safe place to live and raise a family for future generations.”

“Ms. Birkman made a comment recently claiming that she hasn’t heard anyone complaining about the debt except me.  I think the truth is that she just hasn’t been listening to her constituents.  She’s been on a Washington-style spending spree, and it’s time we put a stop to it.”

On her web site, Seitsinger says:

If you agree that we need a new county commissioner who believes it is their personal responsibility to control government spending, reduce government debt and reduce the burden on our citizens, then Lee Ann asks for your vote and support.  Her only special interest group will be us, the taxpayers of Williamson County.  She will stand up to the good-old-boys at the courthouse and be our champion by promoting government transparency and eliminating wasteful spending.

Williamson County taxpayers are increasingly questioning elected officials’ accountability and transparency when it comes to fiscal and other issues.  The Round Rock Police Officer’s Association endorsement suggests a shared concern by at least one segment of the law enforcement community.

This election offers a choice – and that’s a great thing as once a primary date is confirmed, voters will have the ultimate opportunity to further voice their concerns.

Lou Ann Anderson is an advocate working to create awareness regarding the Texas probate system and its surrounding culture. She is the Online Producer at www.EstateofDenial.com, a Policy Advisor with Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Texas and a Director of Women on the Wall. Lou Ann may be contacted at info@EstateofDenial.com.