When ‘goofy’ goes to court


The years of operating Estate of Denial® have brought a certain experienced perspective with regard to being an observer of the legal industry.  We go to a fair number of court proceedings compared to an average person – especially with not being a lawyer.

Yesterday, EoD accompanied a friend to a non-probate-related hearing in a Bell County, TX,  courtroom.  Toward the hearing’s end, our friend was on the witness stand giving testimony in this highly troubling case when opposing counsel singled us out and asked this friend/witness who the woman was that comes with her to court.  The response was “a friend” and when asked if we were with the media, the answer was “no” (in terms of traditional media) but a follow-up question of “or a blog?” received an affirmative answer.

With that, a few other responses of who we are also came to mind.

First, we’re a taxpayer in this county and have every right to be in that public courtroom.  And additionally, who is this lawyer to be questioning anyone’s presence in an open court?

Secondly, we’re someone who will never be a client of his and look forward to recounting this story at all possible, relevant opportunities.

Thirdly, we are a voice for legal consumers who share concerns that the courts and court-associated personnel are highly challenged when it comes to ethics, integrity and sometimes general manners.  Courtroom participants who too often waste the time and resources of all involved with subterfuge and distracting non-productive drama as it suits their self-serving purposes degrade any hope for a non-dysfunctional legal system.  And we’re always appreciative when new examples of such conduct surface.

Fourth and most importantly, we are not traditional media, but consider us as a voice, an example of credible citizen journalism.  This type coverage routinely brings to light situations not addressed by traditional media sources despite having great public interest ramifications as they often impact a wide range of lives on a daily basis.

Inspiration, validation – they can come from unexpected sources.  Yesterday was no exception.  And to that end, this court of public opinion is adjourned for the day!