EoD, Ellis County Observer share interest in Jeff Baron legal abuse case, public trust issues (TX)


Thanks to our friends at The Ellis County Observer for the Jeff Baron Case Picked Up By Estate of Denial mention with regard to our Dallas case highlights court-perpetrated asset looting, civil rights hijacking (TX) post.

“Horrendously popular.”   We appreciate the kind words regarding our site.  Undoubtedly, many would agree with at least the “horrendous” part.  Oh well, comes with the territory.

EoD works to educate the public regarding threats posed by abusive probate venues and misuse of probate instruments (wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney).  The Ellis County Observer’s acknowledgement of our association with Americans for Prosperity Texas, an organization it terms “the most thorough organization involved with giving us facts, figures and exposing waste at the state level” is a real compliment.  And we love the follow-up of AFP State Director Peggy Venable’s influence.

Want to know why The Ellis County Observer is so fixated on school/governmental bond debt? Blame Peggy Venable. She brought that bond debt stuff to Midlothian several years ago and ever since, it’s been a staple. You know, Chevrolet, apple pie, bond debt.

We highly encourage our Texas readers – especially those in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex -  to check out The Ellis County Observer and its affiliated sites.