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Last Sunday, Lou Ann Anderson, creator and online producer of Estate of Denial® joined host Gary Johnson on Rule of Law Radio’s Live and Let Live broadcast to again discuss the growing threat which many Texans – and many Americans – face with abusive probate actions.  Recent probate cases in the news were highlighted to help illustrate how these cases can occur and the variety of people affected.

They also discussed Anderson’s recent experience with Occupy Wall Street/D.C. protesters while attending the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit as well as latest developments on the investigation into Michael Morton’s wrongful murder conviction, another public corruption issue Anderson has closely followed.

Live and Let Live’s second hour featured Thomas Baird, treasurer of the Save Our Charter PAC, a Temple, Texas, citizen’s group that recently defeated a city charter amendment that would have mandated a minimum police department staffing requirement and potentially created the city’s largest-ever tax increase.

As a Temple resident, EoD’s Lou Ann Anderson also shared concern over this issue.  As an Americans for Prosperity Foundation Texas Policy Adviser, its widespread policy implications was immediately recognized.  Anderson’s Temple voters face big decision with proposed charter amendment change details the issue.

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And incidentally, Jonathan Okray, organizer of the Killeen (Texas) city council recall effort, will visit with Gary Johnson at 8 p.m. CST on Sunday, Nov. 20.  The program can be accessed hereKilleen, Temple voters show the power of an engaged, informed electorate provides a wrap-up of both issues.

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