SEIU targets funds for the disabled; scheme leads Detroit newscast (MI)


Akin to yesterday’s post describing Dallas internet entrepreneur Jeff Baron’s legal assault by a federal district court, this post out of Michigan caught our attention.  It also isn’t probate related, but as corrupt and unaccountable government officials often enable intrusive – even nonsensical – public policy or self-interested manipulation of laws, government entities, etc., here’s something we couldn’t resist sharing.

Lots of people like unions and big government – even applaud the “protections” theoretically offered.  “Protection,” however, isn’t free.  Someone bears the brunt of its costs.  In today’s world, if it’s evil corporations, non-union workers or, most deservedly, “the rich,” increasing numbers of America’s self-professed oppressed rejoice.

Thanks to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, an organization we’ve long admired due to its commitment to free-market principles and corresponding “vital political prerequisites, such as respect for private property, freedom of contract and the rule of law,” the degree to which unions will go in extraction of their perceived “due” is now exposed.

Check out this recent Mackinac post.

WJBK-TV2 in Detroit Tuesday night covered the story of thousands of home health care workers who are being illegally forced to pay union dues, including one couple who cares for their disabled adult children. Michigan Capitol Confidential broke the story, which has received national attention, Nov. 9.

Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, explained during the newscast that a shell corporation was set up during the Granholm administration for the SEIU to organize against, and the “dues” are taken out of subsidy checks home health care aides, including family members, receive to care for the disabled. The money, about $6 million a year, is then funneled to the union.

Wright oversaw the legal battle that brought an end to a similar scheme involving home-based day care operators earlier this year.


SEIU Scheme Leads Detroit Newscast
November 16, 2011
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Welcome to the Land of the Gimme Gimmes and the Home of the I-Want-Mores!  Power to the people, right ya’ll?