Controversy over heirs’ property continues (SC)

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) – One of the parcels along the gateway to Hilton Head Island has been sold and cleared, but some of those living on parcel B are still in limbo.

For Helen Green, the heirs property has been more than just a place to live.

“This is home,” said Green. “My mother’s original house was right here where I am at. As the years went along, the house got old and they tore it down and build the house where Rosa lives next door and I grew up there.”

For the past 30 years, she’s lived on the property in this home. Now, after several extensions, she and several other family members living on the Matthew and Teena Jones property are having to pack up and leave the property after they say a member of their family deceived them and got other heirs from out of town to agree to sell the property to the town of Hilton Head Island.

“You keep thinking the Town would change their mind, maybe it won’t happen,maybe it won’t go through but no. Everybody kept pushing because the majority of these people like I said before signed off, they don’t even live on the property, all they want is their money and that’s what the main bottom line is,” said Green.

What used to be a close-knit community on the property is now full of vacant homes and uncertainty.

“This home here is moving. A couple other homes have moved but me and my sister, we are unable to move our homes, so we have to start over from scratch,” said Green.

She’s not alone.

“We have a couple of family members who have had to find new homes and that’s hard for them because their homes are paid for, they are up in age and right now with the economy, to start all over is kind of hard,” said Shani Green.

While Helen is planning to move over to another piece of the property called Parcel C, she has concerns it won’t be ready in time.

“We are over here moving but those over there are not moving. I don’t’ know what’s going to happen after this,” said Green. “If they haven’t moved, I can’t move.

With the holidays right around the corner and just days left on the clock before the deadline, she’s concerned about the future.

All of the families were supposed to be off the property by Nov. 4, but now that deadline has been moved to Nov. 20.

The lawyer for the Matthew and Teena Jones LLC says they are working toward a more permanent solution for the family members moving to parcel C to allow them to buy their own property.

In the mean time, he says he expects Helen and the others will be able to move over to the property as planned.

The next court date is scheduled for the end of the November.


Controversy over heirs’ property continues
Jaime Dailey
November 3, 2011