Occupy Wall Street/D.C. attempts ‘occupying’ AFPF event


We just returned from Washington D.C. and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit.  This was our fourth year to attend the event and in its aftermath, great pride continues in being associated with an organization that promotes traditional American ideals like limited government, economic freedom, property rights and individual liberty.  Click here to read a statement issued this morning by AFP State Director Peggy Venable.

Being targeted by Occupy Wall Street/D.C. protesters reinforced the need for credible, reality-based activism within today’s political environment.  That point was driven home Friday night as a young man attempted to shout down invited speaker FNC’s Judge Andrew Napolitano.  As the man was escorted from the room, Napolitano said “God bless the First Amendment.  I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano at AFPF Defending the American Dream Summit 2011

If the shoe were on the other foot, would this man’s associates similarly respect others’ rights of expression?  The tone and conduct of those on hand Friday night strongly indicated not.

The Daily Caller offered some of the most complete coverage of our experience.  It also gives insight to Occupy Wall Street/D.C. positions.  As many of us have been decrying issues like crony capitalism, corporate welfare and public corruption for a decade or so, we’re glad others are finally coming to the party.  It’s too bad that anger and irrationality coupled with some ignorance and a “pinch” – if not more – of manipulation causes every one point they (to some degree) get right to be followed by 10 examples of points completely missed.

In what appears an effort to protect – even glamorize – the overall Occupy Wall Street movement, many traditional media sources are not covering Friday night’s assault.  That said, the links below do provide additional views of what transpired:

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And though this column was written well before our event, it was received following the Summit and aptly captures a point of view that could well serve many of our Occupy Wall Street/D.C. detractors.