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Occupy Wall Street/D.C. attempts ‘occupying’ AFPF event

We just returned from Washington D.C. and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit.  This was our fourth year to attend the event and in its aftermath, great pride continues in being associated with an organization that promotes traditional American ideals like limited government, economic freedom, property rights and individual liberty.  Click Keep Reading…


Probate Court: The largest business in the world (and the deepest, darkest, dirtiest, yet wealthiest secret of our government) (TN)

Consider this, the probate court is the largest business in the world, for through its portals pass the entire wealth of the world, sooner or later. Now, pay close attention: In this post, I will mathematically prove this allegation.  Though this well-kept secret does not appear in the Fortune 500′s list, the probate court trumps Keep Reading…


Pastor’s heirs fight over property (Kenya)

Six sons and daughters of a wealthy city pastor are fighting over her Sh200 million estate. The succession dispute pits three daughters of Pastor Monicah Wairimu Mbuthia of the Peniel Grace Care Centre near Saika estate in Eastlands, Nairobi, against their three brothers. The pastor died in January. The women are seeking orders to bar Keep Reading…


Agreement reached between Davlin estate, Catholic Charities (IL)

A settlement has been reached to recover money found missing from the estate of the late Margaret Ettelbrick after the suicide of her executor, Mayor Tim Davlin. Under the agreement, $250,000 will be paid to Ettelbrick’s estate from the deceased mayor’s estate — about $90,000 less than was determined to be missing. Most of the money, in Keep Reading…