James Brown estate distribution nothing to ‘feel good’ about


We’ve posted several articles about the James Brown estate that are worthy of review.  The South Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday as former James Brown trustees Robert Buchanan of Aiken and Adele Pope of Newberry continue efforts asking the court to reverse a 2008 agreement in which former S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster authorized  the transfer of about $50 million from Brown’s “I Feel Good” Trust to some of Brown’s disinherited heirs.

Sue Summer of The Newberry Observer has been writing some compelling pieces on this subject.  Click here to read what happened Tuesday.  As Estate of Denial® routinely discusses how the media too often misses the point of abusive probate stories, we’ve posted an additional story from Bluffton Today that represents the more traditional treatment which this story is currently receiving.  Two other Sue Summer articles are also posted and provide additional background on case elements we find disturbing.

James Brown did not include certain heirs in his estate plan – seemingly by design.  Since his 2006 death, the state of South Carolina has crafted a “settlement” that seemingly diverts assets as per Brown’s intended estate plan and redistributes them to previously disinherited heirs.

That’s not exactly how the mainstream media is portraying this, but that’s exactly the functional outcome.  And since when should government have the authority to overturn a person’s known, stated final distribution of their assets?    Long-time EoD readers might remember something similar happening with Leona Helmsley’s estate.

A James Brown “I Feel Good” Trust (FOIA Concerns) Facebook page has also been established.  We’ve got much to read and study on this case, but wanted to provide this update of recent developments.

Stay tuned!

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