San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Dort snubs family court crime victims (CA)


Just received a copy of a phone message left by Jeff Dort to a crime victim from family court.  The victim had funds stolen by her attorney, Patricia Gregory, over two years ago.

Gregory admitted to stealing money from a “Trust” (no play on words) account, from two client/victims. There could be more but there is no investigation.  The known amount Gregory admitted to is over $100,000.00.  However, Dort’s message only sparked more questions.

But the Patricia Gregory case – now going on two plus years, is interesting on another level.  As is revealed by the accompanying video, it’s the victims who are doing the legwork.  It’s the crime victims who are supplying the information, almost like unpaid staff of the District Attorney’s office.

However, the District Attorney has not subpoenaed a single record.

Instead, the DA continues to ask the victims who have steadfastly provided evidence, for more evidence.   How much more is needed when the thief admits guilt I’m not sure.  DAs don’t return calls.

How DA inaction benefits criminals

The case could have been filed immediately after Patricia Gregory’s signed a statement admitting she took the money.  After the State Bar ordered Gregory inactive in 2011 (although she continued to keep her website active in spite of the State Bar’s request to remove it from the internet) and accepted new clients, then the DA could have added a “Crime, bail, Crime” charge which would qualify Gregory for more prison time.  Oh wait. Scratch that.  More on that later.

DA’s holding pattern

Still, after two years of what can realistically be referred to as a non-investigation, District Attorney Jeff Dort rejected the case.  The money remains gone.  The thief admitted guilt and – nothing.  This is same Jeff Dort who prosecuted personal injury attorney David G. Ronquillo for stealing from clients under similar circumstances.

In the Ronquillo case Judge Charles Rogers said Ronquillo would be eligible for about eight years of prison time, but would likely receive probation.

San Diego judges aren’t real fond of sentencing attorneys to prison.  It’s a clubby kind of thing.

Other ways the DA aids criminals

The victims are aware given the non-responsiveness of the DA, coupled with the DA’s philosophy of dealing with crimes after the State Bar deals with Administrative issues, the Statute of Limitations is approaching.

Thus the phone message featured on the video ended with Dort wishing the crime victim a nice weekend.

Other factors

One other thing.  We’ve heard Patricia Gregory used to work for the County.

Child Support enforcement.


San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Dort Snubs Family Court Crime Victims
Bonnie Russell
September 16, 2011
Ah-Ha! Rancho Santa Fe News


  • Gene

    This is a joke right? Dort is asking these alleged victims of grand theft to do there own investigation? Amazing!