Arise Shine with Dan and Laurie Purkis (September 18, 2011)

Lou Ann Anderson

Arise Shine with Dan and Laurie Purkis (September 18, 2011)

Public corruption is a big component of the probate abuse issue.  Crony court systems, dishonest public officials, government systems that function on taxpayer funds yet provide little taxpayer protection are a reality that increasingly impacts peoples’ daily lives.

Last December, Estate of Denial® began writing about a lawsuit involving a Williamson County (TX) judge accused of sexual harassment.  As this judge reportedly had probate responsibilities, our interest was piqued.  Nearly one year later, that interest is more intense than ever as questions concerning the county government’s culture of corruption, pattern of misconduct, abuse of public trust and disregard for taxpayer interests continue.

EoD’s Lou Ann Anderson discusses this situation on Arise Shine with Dan and Laurie Purkis.  Topics include Williamson County, its alleged corruption issues along with the implications and expenses to taxpayers as well as the Michael Morton murder case in which a potentially innocent man has been in prison for nearly 25 years while a killer presumably walks free will certainly be part of the discussion.