Brewer: civil law dispenses justice?


Our friends at Ramparts360 recently posted a column about injustices being perpetrated in civil “justice” venues.  The Ken Brewer op-ed entitled Civil Law Dispenses Justice? makes important points on how civil courts are no longer about justice and instead are forums which invite predatory parties to exploit unfortunate or contrived circumstances for their own financial gain.

Here’s the column:

In listening to the news on the radio this morning, two cases of civil injustice were reported and discussed. One was in Colorado, where the owner of a car sales lot shot and killed a teenager who scaled the fence and entered the property to burglarize.  A grand jury refused to indict him, but a civil jury awarded his illegitimate daughter a huge sum of money in a suit brought by the dead criminal’s mother. The little girl’s grandmother, of course, will be responsible for spending that money. Any bets as to how closely the court will monitor how it is spent? My bets are that they will monitor it no more closely than they do how child support payments are spent. As far as the courts are concerned, the mother can spend it on dope and let the kid starve, as long as CPS doesn’t bring charges. What is going On?

In Williamson County, a Cedar Park teenager died of alcohol poisoning and her mother sued the liquor store owner and was awarded over a quarter of a million dollars – even though she was found to be more at fault than he was! The liquor store owner was not found guilty of any criminal charges. Accusations were made about 85 phone calls, but no criminal culpability on the part of the store owner was even charged! What is going on?

Decades ago, a drunk was running from the police in Harlingen and ran a stop sign in front of an 18 wheel milk hauler which had just left the plant (where my father also worked driving such a rig). The drunk was squashed, to say the least. His widow filed suit and paraded 10 children in front of the jury. She was awarded one million dollars due to the company being found to be less that 10% at fault. What happened to the other 9+ million dollars? What is going on?

I have been called all kinds of villainous names for shouting that civil law in domestic violence and divorce is totally out of control and beyond the constitution. The three cases above demonstrate what can be done to anyone by civil law even though they have committed no criminal act. It is time to propose another constitutional amendment eliminating civil law and placing all offenses under criminal law, with the protections and proof of guilt that it requires. Civil law no longer has anything to do with justice. It is a system of wealth redistribution, even predetermining winning and losing classes of people. That is what is going on!

In late 2010, an Estate of Denial® column Randy Quaid ‘crazy’ estate theft claims parallel legal abuse, probate corruption seen nationwide discussed abusive probate cases that also are generally relegated to the civil court system and feature similarly exploitative situations – often contrived situations created for no other purpose but what we call an Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA).  Steal $250,000 from a bank and it’s a crime.  Have the same amount “diverted” from an estate and you’re told to file a civil lawsuit.

Brewer is absolutely right that civil law is about wealth redistribution, not necessarily justice.  It’s great to see another Texas activist putting forth such an important message.