U.K. legal industry seeks to silence ‘Solicitors from Hell’ web site


Our favorite kinds of activists are those who know how to work an issue with style and flair – maybe adding humor, adopting an edgy writing style, using satire – something, anything more than a staid, dry presentation of information or opinion.  Solicitors from Hell, a U.K.-based web site, totally fits this bill.

The site describes those hacks from Hades as :

They move slowly and risk your deal if you need to move fast.

They don’t read the documents carefully.

Your phone calls won’t be returned.

Your questions won’t be answered.

Your instructions will be ignored.

They won’t alert you to all potential problems.

…Sounds familiar?

Don’t let them do it to others!

Name and shame your oppressor!!  Solicitors from Hell invites people having been treated unfairly by a solicitor or firm, to add their offending party to the “Solicitors from Hell” list in hopes of warning “other unsuspecting clients and members of the public what may be in store for them.”  A £1 contribution is requested for your complaint to go live.  Submissions from outside the U.K. are accepted.

Not surprisingly, the SFH site is now under attack by the U.K. legal industry.  Here’s an e-mail we received:

Please help to uphold all our Human Rights under article 10 Freedom of Expression and sign this petition below.

The UK society of solicitors are stopping our right to comment or complain about their membership.

As well as signing this petition please forward to all your email contacts and in turn ask them to forward to all their own contacts.

Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice, nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.

Thank you in anticipation for your help to uphold all our rights.

The petition states:

I am signing this petition because I believe the ‘Solicitors From HELL’ website is in the public’s interest and I object to The Law Society’s plans to close down this website.

Site owner Rick Kordowski adds another note:  “The Law Society totally ’rejected’ my suggestion to work together to expose wrongdoing, where it exists, for the sake of the DECENT solicitors in the profession. If you are a ‘decent’ lawyer, please sign. (You can include your firms name). RK”

We understand the SFH site’s defamatory implications, but applaud its effort to subject the legal industry to the same scrutiny under which other businesses and professionals operate.  And remember, just because something is unflattering doesn’t mean it’s untrue.

Click here to access the petition.