Insurers of Michael Jackson comeback concerts want his medical records

Members of the late Michael Jackson’s estate are fighting an attempt by the insurers of the pop star’s attempted comeback concerts to obtain his medical records.

Lloyd’s of London filed suit against AEG Live and the Michael Jackson Company LLC in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 6.

Lloyd’s wants a judge to declare it does not have to pay AEG’s $17.5 million policy on grounds the insurers were not told the singer was taking drugs before he died June 25, 2009, at age 50.

The estate is not a party to the suit but has objected to a subpoena for Jackson’s medical records, saying the information is confidential and protected by the physician-patient privilege.

Lloyd’s issued seven deposition subpoenas for the records on July 12.

Two are directed at Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s former dermatologist, and Dr. Allan Metzgar, who once accompanied the entertainer on a concert tour in the 1990s and is a specialist in treating lupus.

Lawyers for the estate filed their objections to the subpoenas Aug. 5.

A hearing on their motion is scheduled Sept. 16.

Lloyd’s lawsuit against AEG claims the company did not tell the insurer about the singer’s medical history, “including, but not limited to, his apparent prescription drug use and/or drug addiction.”

The company also alleges AEG did not disclose the star’s use of propofol, an anesthetic that has been blamed for his death.

The singer allegedly received a dose of the powerful sedative from Dr Conrad Murray, who is scheduled to stand trial next month on a charge of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly not monitoring Jackson after administering the drug to help Jackson sleep.

Jackson would have been 53 on Aug. 29.


Insurers Of Michael Jackson Comeback Concerts Want His Medical Records
City News Service
August 15, 2011
Beverly Hills Courier

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