From North Carolina/New York

Thank you for your site, estate of denial. I am currently being victimized by the executrix of my Father’s estate (my Sister!), and can’t seem to find any real help other than attorneys who ask way more than I can currently afford in retainers. Since finding out that I am searching for legal assistance, the executrix has now stated that there will be no more distributions from incoming wrongful death settlements until I sign and notarize a waiver of my and my heirs rights to litigate against her or the estate for any reason.

It’s all just too much. I am the sole caregiver of our 83 yr old stroke-victim Mother and I can’t afford, emotionally, mentally, or financially to deal with any of this anymore.

I am seriously considering just cutting my losses and signing away the rights to any future benefits from my share of the estate to a worthy non-profit, (a fraud victims advocate group or something) in the hope that their lawyers might decide to pick up the fight and pursue the nice chunk of change that my father had intended to leave to me.

I have been told by some that I should just sign the waiver and hope that she actually does send me some of the future wrongful death settlements we are expecting, but it seems to me that if I sign, and she doesn’t pay, there would be nothing I could do about it.

It’s heart-breaking, infuriating and down-right crazy-making, I just can’t deal with it all AND my Mother’s dementia and decline, I believe I would be better off just walking away from it, but I can’t stand the thought of simply allowing this kind of thing to be done to me without putting up some kind of fight.

Stories of Denial
  • Anonymous

    Don’t give up North Carolina/NewYork…fight.

  • Marie

    I know this kind of thing makes you absolutely crazy. I have been struggling with one of my sisters for 4 years and another for 2. We just today signed with a lawyer to bring action against perpetrator number 1 and all family relations have been ruined with number 2. It has made me so depressed and joyless. It does feel better to have taken action. I really sympathize with your plight. I htink you need Medicaid to help with Mom’s care in some assisted living.

  • Sdibbs

    If your estate is being administered in New York, there is a statute (EPTL 11-1.7) and case law that says any attempt to preclude a beneficiary from questioning the conduct of a fiduciary and from filing objections to the fiduciary’s accounting is agaiinst public policy. Other states must have similar prohibitions.

  • realitypro

    Learn how to be your own lawyer this system is rigged. Florida is the ring leader.