Courtroom updates: Comstock wrongful death civil trial (MO)

(Springfield, MO) — The Rolland Comstock wrongful death civil trial is officially underway. Deputies found Rolland shot to death in his home in July of 2007.

While prosecutors never filed criminal charges, Rolland’s daughter Faith believes Rollands former wife Alberta was the lone shooter.

Attorneys have emphasized Alberta and Rolland’s relationship in the early portions of this trial.

On Tuesday, Faith Stocker’s attorney, Stuart King was quick to lay out a motive to the jury.

It included Alberta’s want of money and the house the two shared before the divorce.

King also talked about Alberta’ss missing gun that was similar to the weapon used to kill Rolland.

Alberta’s attorney, Evelyn Mangan, says her client was in Oklahoma the day of the shooting and originally cooperated with detectives om the investigation.

Mangan says Albertas DNA was not found in Rolland’s home.

She had no residue that would she fired a gun on her hands.

Stocker was the first witness to take the stand.

At the time we stepped out, Faith was describing her parents relationship and disagreements over the sale of the house.

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Courtroom Updates: Comstock Wrongful Death Civil Trial
Brian Richardson
June 28, 2011

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Civil trial in death of Rolland Comstock begins
Criminal charges not filed in the attorney’s death.
Kathryn Wall
June 27, 2011
The Springfield News-Leader

The civil trial centering on the shooting death of noted attorney Rolland Comstock, expected to last all week, began Monday with jury selection that was expected to take all day.

Eighty-five jurors were pooled, a higher-than-usual number asked to possibly serve — likely because of the high-profile nature of the case.

When the jury pool was asked whether they had heard of the shooting of the probate attorney and book collector, more than half raised their hands.

Comstock was shot to death in his home in July 2007. Alberta Comstock, his ex-wife, was at one time named a suspect when a search warrant named her and her son in the investigation.

But as the years passed, and even after a grand jury investigation into the slaying, no criminal charges have been brought.

Faith Stocker, Rolland Comstock’s adopted daughter and Roberta Comstock’s biological child, instead went to the civil side of the law.

Stocker claims Alberta Comstock shot the man and is solely responsible for his death.

Opening statements are expected today.