Court to use two wills in Kirima estate tussle (Kenya)

The property of the late city tycoon Gerishon Kirima will be subdivided fairly among his beneficiaries, a judge said on Friday.

Justice Isaac Lenaola noted that the distribution of the Sh750 million estate will be guided by two wills, which have surfaced in court.

The widow of the former Starehe MP and her step-children have filed cases in court over his property.

The children seek to have Ms Teresia Wairimu kicked out of the vast estate.

The widow successfully sought a permanent injunction before her husband’s death, blocking any of her step-children from interfering with the home in Kitisuru, Nairobi, where she lived with Mr Kirima for many years.

Four trustees have been appointed to manage Mr Kirima’s estate.

The judge directed all parties to respect a court order that authorised one of the sons, Mr Samuel Ndei, to become one of the bank signatories.

“When I make orders they must be adhered to. Court orders are never issued in vain. They must be obeyed,” the judge ordered.

The court said managers of the estate are not distributors of the money accrued in banks.

“Beneficiaries of the vast estate shall be known when the two wills filed in court are read and interpreted.

Lawyers Wilfred Nyamu, Stephen Mwenesi and Jotham Arwa were directed to cooperate and identify all the triable issues.

The judge fixed the case for June 20 to 23 hearing.

He directed all the interim orders requiring the four trustees to continue paying upkeep allowances and school fees to Kirima’s young children.

The late lawmaker died in a South African hospital last December after being moved from the UK.

His children filed a case seeking to be allowed to take over the management of his property.

A council of elders was constituted to help the children resolve the acrimonious property dispute.


Court to use two wills in Kirima estate tussle
Nation Correspondent
May 27, 2011
Daily Nation