Texas tort reform, barratry legislation moves forward

It is welcomed news to see that both barratry and tort reform bills are moving through this 82nd session of the Texas legislature.  Here’s the latest from Texans for Lawsuit Reform:

Omnibus Tort Reform Bill (HB 274) Passes Texas House On to the Senate!

House Bill 274, the 2011 Omnibus Tort Bill, which is a legislative priority for Governor Rick Perry and the leadership of the Texas Legislature, passed the House Monday by a vote of 96 to 49. TLR President Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr., said:

“This bill is critical to establishing a fair, efficient and predictable civil justice system in Texas. HB 274 will increase the efficiency of our courts by instituting less costly and time consuming court procedures. It also provides incentives for fair and early settlements and imposes risk on those who pursue meritless or abusive lawsuits.”

The bill now moves to the Texas Senate, where TLR will be working with the Lt. Governor and Senators to pass this important legislation. For more information on The Omnibus Tort Bill, visit www.BalanceTexasCourts.com.

Barratry Bill Goes to Governor’s Desk

Senate Bill 1716, by Sen. Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock), passed both the House and the Senate and is on its way to the Governor’s desk where it will be signed into law. SB 1716 and its companion, House Bill 1890 by Rep. Allen Fletcher (R-Tomball) and Rep. Connie Scott (R-Corpus Christi) targets barratry – commonly known as ambulance chasing or case running. The legislation creates private causes of action against those who practice barratry. Reducing this problem will enhance public confidence in our civil justice system. For more information visit www.tortreform.com.

Parallels exist when comparing the contrived disputes of “ambulance chasers” and those seen in probate venues.  We recently came across the web site of a central Texas attorney who lists more than 150 areas of specialization.  Between every personal injury type scenario imaginable, the ability to handle numerous  probate-related actions were also cited.  This couldn’t help but further validate the perspective put forth in our Contrived probate disputes mirror ‘ambulance chasing’ barratry actions column.

  • Cilla Mitchell

    Tort Reform is a legal weapon used in Texas against Texans.

    When there are laws on the books that prevent the common man from getting accountability, then the laws need to be abolished.

    A link to a video shows exactly how Tort Reform is working out, or not.


    Or, just Google Cleveland Mark Mitchell, then click on youtube.

    Thank you.