Smoron Farm: Wronged by probate, Sam Manzo can sue (CT)


A probate court judge has ruled that Sam Manzo, the Southington farm caretaker who nearly lost his inheritance, can sue lawyers who were supposed to be following the conditions of Josephine Smoron’s will.

The scheme to divert Smoron’s estate to a local developer unraveled last year, leading to the departure of Southington Probate Court Judge Bryan Meccariello and ongoing disciplinary proceedings against local lawyer John Nugent. In her will, Smoron left the farm to Manzo but Nugent and Meccariello instead sought to hand the farm along I-84 to three local churches, who in turn would have sold it to a local developer.

Manzo still lives on the farm, though who will inherit the property has not yet been sorted out.

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Smoron Farm: Wronged By Probate, Sam Manzo Can Sue
Rick Green
May 10, 2011
Hartford Courant