Elder abuse, neglect rampant in US

They are a small but growing movement called the National Association to stop Guardian Abuse.

They say the disabled and elderly are Being prayed upon by the legal system, by crooked lawyers and courts Who they say scam millions of dollars by having older people declared Guardians of the courts depriving them and their families of their rights and taking their assets.

Protesting in front of the Justice Department, they met with a few members of Congress demanding something be done.

With millions Of baby boomers turning into senior citizens now, they’re warning that Billions of dollars will be stolen from the elderly and their families By probate courts which they are claiming conspire with lawyers and state agencies like adult services to rob older people of their homes and Savings often declaring them without proper evidence, incompetent to handle their own financial affairs.

It’s a big business they say, lawyers getting rich…

Its an assault on the elderly and their golden years says the group Citing case after case of the judicial system collaborating to put elderly Or disable people in a conservatorship status with the courts giving The lawyers and courts , without family having a say, complete control over an elderly person’s life savings.

With the aging of the US population in record numbers over the next5 years, the baby boomers, they say that unless what they call a corrupt system is fixed, millions will be robbed of all they own by unscrupulous lawyers, social workers, corrupt probate courts, and the state agencies who are supposed to be protecting the elderly, not abusing them.


PressTV – Elder abuse, neglect rampant in US


Elder abuse, neglect rampant in US
Mike Kellerman
May 9, 2011
Press TV

  • Anonymous

    This must be the worst of the inhumane abuses upon human beings since, being dead, they have no defense whatsoever, and like the fetus in utero, are completely dependent upon a system of justice which recognizes them and their vulnerability.

    Most are closed courts in that court corruption is rampant, and Attorneys and Judges who admit that corruption exists are not hard to find, but hard to address because of the Sandusky problem of professional codes of Omerta.

    To date, there is nothing which prevents authorized persons to commit murder, and steal assets at will, often in conjunction with banks and trustees who owe duties of loyalty to the deceased, the IRS, and the beneficiaries, but who willingly and enthusiastically exploit all without so much as a brief though of remorse. Dead people truly are the best clients for attorneys, but lately, it is the same with CPA’s, and other associates who work in conjunction with these grave robbers.